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June 11 2012


Compression Socks

The chances are that if you are getting poor blood circulation to the feet and you visit the doctor they will highly recommend compression socks, and you will straight be wondering what these are as they are not common with anyone that doesn't require with them. So what exactly are compression socks?

medical compression stockings

Both compressions socks and stocking are available and as you imagine stocking go all the way up your legs whereas the socks stop around your calves like any other standard sock. As you'd imagine women tend to move towards the stocking idea and men go towards the socks. They are used to provide graduated pressure in the legs and mainly towards the foot to aid against circulatory problems like thrombosis and edema. They create pressure on the entire leg or foot and most of the pressure will usually be applied at the ankle, because of this pressure in the muscles, veins and arteries blood is made to go down smaller channels. As the blood will find it harder to reach its destination less blood finds its way to the feet and more tends to return to the heart.

Compression socks come in two types; Anti-embolism and Gradient

Anti-embolism socks are supplied by various brands and are used to help support drainage in the leg. They offer a greater amount of pressure at the ankle and lowers as it moves up the leg; this and the muscles can be used to effectively help to circulate the blood in the legs.

Gradient socks are made in a similar way to anti-embolism socks and this includes forcing the maximum amount of pressure around the ankle. They are known to be the most effective type of sock when struggling with things such as blood clots and blood pooling that occur through periods of physical inactivity and will usually be the most recommended type by doctors. They work by making the calves perform the pump action regularly and more effectively to return blood to the heart.

Compression Stockings

Diabetic socks have been designed much like compression socks in many ways, but also have some extra key benefits that make them more suitable for diabetes. They are similar in the way they have the same pressure system, diabetic socks apply more pressure at the ankle and slowly relieves it as we move up the leg, and this allows people with diabetes to have a system to ensure blood is flowing properly to their legs, exactly the same as the reason for compression socks.

The differences between these socks are the extra benefits that diabetic socks have. It may not be known but science has shown that diabetes patients tend to be at a higher risk of catching fungal foot diseases or obtaining foot ulcers. Foot diseases are generally caused by poor foot hygiene however in some cases this can't be helped. Diabetic socks provide a great solution by controlling the moisture levels within the feet, if there is too much moisture the sock is able to suck up some of the water so the feet are not drowned in sweat to help infection spread.

Whether you are suffering with blood circulation problems or are just looking for a promising and healthy solution to help with any foot problem, it is well worth heading down to the doctors or pharmacy and asking about how compression socks can benefit you.

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